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Why to Buy Rubberfy’s Silicone Funnel?


This silicon funnel is a great addition to your kitchen tools and gadgets. Made from durable, long-lasting food-grade silicone, this funnel is suitable for transferring both liquid and dry ingredients from one container to another.


A funnel is a conical tool with a broad top and a narrow bottom. It is used to direct liquid or powder through a tiny aperture.

Silicone Funnel
Silicone Funnel images n usages

The Function of a Funnel-

  • This tool’s aim is to prevent spillage and waste while transferring liquid or powdered materials into containers with narrow tops. It is a must-have item for each family. Industrial applications can make use of funnels. It’s not too heavy.
  • Rubberfy also provides a variety of colors and materials choices for these. Silicone and plastic funnels are available in a variety of hues, including red, green, blue, pink, white, and orange.
  • Plastic, silicon, polypropylene, stainless steel, nylon, and borosilicate glass are used to make them.
  • Nylon, plastic, and silicone funnels are often used in the home. The other two kinds are used in gasoline pumps, workshops, and other industrial applications.
  • Non-reactive polyethylene is used to make plastic ones.
  • Therefore, these funnels can therefore be used to pour oil from packages or containers into bottles. You can also use them to replenish engine oil or fuel in vehicles, motorcycles, and water pumps.
  • Most silicon-based products are BPA (Bisphenol A) free. One such example is Rubberfy’s Silicone Funnel. AND Retail silicone funnels are oil-resistant and constructed of robust, long-lasting food-grade silicone.

Made of Food-grade silicones:

This silicone funnel is soft and flexible, BPA-free, and FDA approved. Heat resistant from -40°C to 250°C, there is no need to be concerned that the funnel may harm your family’s health.

Sizes and Colors of silicone funnel:

2pcs Large funnel and 2pcs Small funnel in various colors (Red, orange, blue and green). Collapsible funnels, whether large and little, may satisfy all of your needs.

Silicone Funnel
Silicone Funnel
Silicone Funnel
Red silicone Funnel image
Silicone Funnel
Folded Silicone Funnel

Space-saving in the Kitchen:

Design that is collapsible, when not in use, the rubber funnels may be collapsed and stored. You may hang it on the wall or store it in a drawer. All four take up less space than one normal.

Easy to Clean and Store:

Suitable for usage by everyone in the family. It is quite simple to maintain clean, even if it has been exposed to oil; simply wash it with warm water and a little soap, or place it in the dishwasher and let the machine do the work for you.

Product Specifications: silicone funnel

  • A Silicone funnel is perfect for pouring any liquid such as water, juice, oil sauce, vinegar, and so on.
  • You can also use it to move tiny food grains from one container to another, such as rice, lentils, and spices.
  • Rubberfy makes silicone funnels out of 100 percent food-grade silicone, which does not absorb any stains or odors.
  • The thickening technique strengthens the funnel.
  • Cold and heat resistant (230 degrees Celsius) (-30 Degree Celsius).
  • Ingenious collapsible design, when not in use, expand to use and collapse to store. There is no risk of breaking.

In Conclusion:

So, as we discussed in this article, buy amazing silicone funnels from Rubberfy at only 149 INR today!

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