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Where can I get anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers?

Why Do You Need Anti-Vibration Pads and Mats?

Most people know that there are laws in place to limit the amount of noise that you can make. These ordinances keep us from disturbing our neighbors too much. But, many are unaware that a standard washing machine can be as many as 13 decibels over that sound limit! We use Anti-vibration pads for these cases and reduce the noise as well as vibrations.

The Noisy machines:

This is the reason why many apartments don’t have washers and dryers in the unit. But they opt for a central laundry room set away from any resident’s living area. Even in a home, the laundry room is often built away from other rooms where they may be a nuisance. Still, many people find the noise to be annoying since it travels through the floor.
Installing anti-vibration pads under your washer/dryer is a very effective method of reducing the vibration. But what is making these appliances vibrate so much, to begin with?

Causes of Washing Machine Vibration

No matter what, washers and dryers are going to vibrate to some degree. They’re spinning loads of clothing around at high speeds, and this is never going to be silent. That said, many things can be making the problem worse, and in this section, we’re going to take a look at what those things are.

anti vibration pads for washing machine
           anti-vibration mounting pads

How Do Anti-Vibration Pads & Mats Work?

So, how do anti-vibration mats work? Well, vibration noise transfers through contact. The vibration waves travel along the hard surface, transmitting sound in all directions.
One of the most effective methods of reducing the transfer is by putting something between the source and any hard surfaces. It can’t be anything though, it needs to be something very absorptive. This will allow it to absorb and nullify much of the vibration, which we call dampening.
An anti-vibration pad dampens the vibration created by a washing machine or dryer. This effectively stops most of the sound waves from reaching the hard floor beneath. By the time any sound wave makes it to the floor, most of its energy has been absorbed by the anti-vibration pad.

In Conclusion:

So why wait! buy rubberfy’s silicone anti-vibration rubber pads and get rid of the noises of the washing machines and dryers.

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