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What is your favourite kitchen hack?

My kitchen, my hacks:

We spend quite a bit of time cooking and in the kitchen. And let’s admit it, we all have our kitchen hack to get the best taste and the wow moments from the foods. We will discuss a few such tricks in this article today. Hope you like them. Even share a few of your own tricks in the comments and we will add them in our later posts.

1. Mix soy sauce and butter to instantly boost the flavor of savory dishes

I never tried mixing butter and soy sauce in the same dish until I was in my late twenties, but once I tried it, it quickly became one of my favorite flavor combinations. It’s excellent in just about any savory dish. It works especially well with mushrooms.

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2. Start baking potatoes in the microwave, not the oven

Pierce them with a fork, microwave them for five minutes, then throw them in the oven for 15. You’ll get perfect baked potatoes in 20 minutes instead of an hour. It speeds everything up and they come out just as delicious.


3. When cutting broccoli or cauliflower, turn it upside down first

First, get the cleaned Broccoli florets on a cutting board. Then rotate it as you cut the stem part. It’s so much easier and cleaner than cutting through the flowery part from the top, and you get really nice florets.

Kitchen hack No 4: Flavor your pasta water with a chicken stock cube

“I’ll put one in my water while the pasta cooks. It flavors the pasta water, so if you’re using a splash for your sauce, it’ll have a more umami, meaty flavor. It also doubles the tastiness of your pasta, since the noodles cook directly in it.”


5. Store ginger in the freezer to make it easier to grate

Peeling ginger is one of the most irritating tasks we have to do. It will leave a smell in your hand and in untrained hands it can get pretty messy too. But it gets a lot easier to peel and grate if you store them in the freezer. It is such a small tip, but it helps a lot. This is my favorite kitchen hack.

6. Add a splash of orange juice to pumpkin bread, banana bread, or cranberry muffins

Two fresh-squeezed oranges and their juice. A Cranberry muffin sliced in half. And that’s it.

The orange juice can be premade or freshly juiced. The fact is that the acidity really adds some brightness against the spices. And as we all know, the contrast in taste really makes the food next level.

7. After cutting hot peppers, rub canola or vegetable oil on your hands, then wash them with dish soap

The capsaicin (a spicy chemical in the peppers) essentially binds with the oil, then the soap takes care of the oil on your hands. This lets you avoid an unfortunate accident later, like when peeing or changing contact lenses.

Kitchen hack No 8. Use olive brine or pickle brine to upgrade savory dishes or as the base of a vinaigrette

A jar of pickles next to a jar of green olives. I use it for dishes like casseroles, stews, or tuna salad. It adds a nice depth of flavor. Try it next time you cook salad or casseroles.


So these are our kitchen hacks for today. Check out rubberfy’s different kitchen products and buy your favorite items without any hassle and get them delivered to your doorstep. Also, don’t forget to subscribe for more such tips and interesting posts.

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