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What is the best position for an anti-vibration mat on an aquarium stand?

Why is it necessary to place an anti-vibration mat beneath your aquarium?

On a rimless tank, the bottom panel of glass bears the brunt of the weight. That’s not an issue; the bottom panel is capable of supporting all that weight. As long as the tank is on a flat surface. The problem is that most surfaces aren’t level. I’ve even seen brand-new aquarium supports with uneven surfaces. Also, Screw heads and knots are a few examples of surface flaws on which your tank might sit.
Isn’t it something you don’t want to press against the bottom of your tank? Your tank’s weight will concentrate on any high spots on the surface. This puts the bottom panel of glass under intense tension. You won’t even notice your aquarium straining against the uneven surface.
Over time, as pressure accumulates to these points, your glass will finally give way. So, the solution for this is to use an anti-vibration mat to reduce the pressure on the glass.
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anti-vibration mat ( use and images)

Which is the best anti-vibration mat to use under your aquarium?

It’s funny, in Europe, you can find foam aquarium mats on the shelves of local fish stores. But in America, it’s a different story. There are only a couple of brands, such as Mr. Aqua. While these are great mats, they are good for smaller aquariums.
While I like camping mats, any cushioned material with a little give may be utilized…
I know a lot of people who use yoga mats as padding in their hobbies. If your wife is short, she might not notice if you cut a bit off! Otherwise, you may get an inexpensive yoga mat from any store. Others use a cork mat, which is a common drawer liner that may also be used as an aquarium mat.
Styrofoam is sometimes advised for use under aquariums. But I avoid it since it smashes.
Make sure the mat you place under your aquarium has some give. Because this is what allows the mat to absorb any imperfections on the surface.


Some enthusiasts avoid using the foam mat because they dislike the way it looks under their aquarium. If you cut away any excess foam, believe me, it won’t be apparent. I’ve never had a single visitor comment on the foam beneath my tanks. They’re too preoccupied with what’s going on inside the tanks to notice what’s going on outside. But, if you want to use an anti-vibration mat under the aquarium, buy them from rubberfy for best quality and affordability.

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