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What is a bath brush or a bath scrubber?


A bath brush is a brush made of wood, plastic, silicone, or sponge that is used as a bathing accessory to clean our skins, exfoliate dead skin cells, peel and retain a great skin tone. It is literally a brush that is used to rub or brush our body parts during a bath.

What are the different types of brushing?

There are two types of brushing when we talk about skin care. The two types are: dry brushing and wet brushing.

You can dry brush your skin when it is dry, using either silicone or wooden massages or scrubbers. This helps in skin tone development. but it also increases blood circulation in massaged places and is considered a healthy habit.

we use body brushes in case of wet brushing. you can use body brushes/ body scrubbers just to softly massage or brush your wet skin. If you use a shower gel enhanced massage brush, then you can apply shower gel too. This improves the bathing experiences.

when is it ideal to use a bath brush?

A body brush is useful for long baths, like bubble baths and others. Experts do not advise using a body scrubber for a quick and very hot shower bath. The reason is, if you brush your skin during a hot shower, it may get damaged. This is why, these brushes are ideal for a long, somber bathing experience in cool to lukewarm waters.

Where can I get a bath brush?

In this blog about silicone bath brushes, we discussed how silicone-based body scrubbers and body brushes are better than their wooden counterparts. This is why we will recommend you to buy and use these silicone brushes:

(1) silicone bubble bath brush:

this is a hang-rope designed, easy to hold, easy to clean, small silicone-made body brush that is well within everyone’s budget. buy it today and you are set for your bath!

(2) silicone massage brush:

this is a lanyard-designed, shower gel enhanced, body brush that is easy to use. you can buy this here and you will be all set for your bath!


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