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What are the different silicone baby products?


Nowadays, silicone baby products are on the trend. Baby nibbles, cookware, bakeware, cutlery, and toys are all made of silicone. the FDA has recognised food-grade silicone as safe. So, this means it will not react with other materials or emit dangerous chemicals when heated. It’s a “food-safe material,” which explains why it’s now found in a variety of infant bottle nipples, plates, Sippy cups, baking dishes, cooking utensils, rugs, and even toys.

silicone baby food nibbler
silicone baby food nibbler

Silicone Baby food Nibbler-

Adding new foods to your baby’s diet is a joyful learning experience for him or her. Because it exposes him or her to different tastes and sensations. Your kid can eat fruit and other entire foods with silicone fruit and food nibbler.
Silicone food nibbler’s smart design allows only the tiniest food pieces to go to the kid’s mouth. Thus it prevents choking. The 2-in-1 purpose of the nibbler is both as a fruit holder and teething toy that massages a baby’s gums. It simulates mouth muscle development and thus helps your baby grow.

What are rattle balls & squeeze balls?

Different types of colorful and interesting balls make up a significant part of baby products. Rattle balls are balls that rattle and make sounds. So, these can amuse your child a lot. While in the other hand, squeeze balls are important for your child to play with and exercise their hands at the same time. Let’s go through a few important points about these.

  • The materials utilised are non-toxic and safe. Brightly coloured and just the ideal size for a baby’s little hands to squeeze. There are no sharp components to injure your infant, so it’s smooth and pleasant.
  • Assists in the development of gripping ability. As developed particularly for children’s propensity of holding objects
  • Shape identification, hand-eye coordination, tactile training, hearing, and colour recognition are all improved with this game.
  • They’re not only wonderful for promoting imaginative and entertaining play, but they’re also great for improving your child’s hand-eye coordination. Allow your children to have a good time while bathing with these adorable bath toys.
  • It has a whistling sound that plays every time it is squeezed, making it more engaging.

what are silicone suction bowls?

  • Wide, kid-friendly base with two easy-to-grasp grips
  • Two easy-to-grasp handles, a powerful suction base, and a quick-release tab
  • A freezer that can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher steam steriliser that is safe to use in the microwave Stains that are safe to remove can be washed with hot soapy water.
  • There are many appealing colours to choose from.
  • Instructions for cleaning: stains can be removed by washing with hot, soapy water.

Is it safe for a newborn to eat from a silicone bowl?

Yes, silicone bowls are composed of a material that is safe for children. They’re heat-resistant and don’t offer the same hazards as some plastics when exposed to higher temperatures or when placed in the dishwasher.

silicone baby products cleaning procedure:

Baby silicone bowls and plates are sturdy tableware made specifically for children. They are 100% food-grade, non-toxic, free of BPA. Also, they can resist high temperature, and tough, won’t break when tear and drop to the floor. Finally, they are very convenient to use for several years. We want to share how to clean the silicone bowl.

Babies often salivate while eating and food chunks will drop. So it is important to rub off all such things from the product first. You can use something like a food duster or a scrubber for this. Then use lukewarm or warm water to clean and disinfect the item. As you wouldn’t want any germ to stay because of leftover food particles. Also, you must not use hard iron wire or scrubbers to clean them. For cleaning soft and flexible silicone baby products, better use silicone scrubber gloves or similar soft bristle products.

asian baby wearing silicone feeding bib
cute baby with silicone feeding bib

What is a feeding bib?

Keep little bits of carrots and peas from falling on your clean kitchen floor by using a feeding bib. The top looks like the original bib, but the bottom has a pocket sewed onto it. The pocket catches both liquefied and solid foods, which protect your household efforts, as well as clothing.

In Conclusion:

For baby products, you should immediately start using the silicone made safe and non-toxic products. Visit rubberfy store for more such products. Also, subscribe to us for more such news and product updates.

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