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What are the advantages of buying an anti-vibration mount?


The anti-vibration mount is a rubber or hard plastic made mount that helps you reducing the vibration of machinery or a vehicle. It can reduce all types of vibration and noise. Also, the mounts come in a variety of styles and sizes. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using them.

Where do people use the mounts?

First of all, let’s take a look into how mounting works. An anti-vibration mount is built using durable and high-quality raw materials, such as hard silicone and tough plastics. That’s why the mounts are strong and are able to withdraw pressures in extreme amounts. Now, people use these mounts for a variety of applications. For example, it includes heavy-duty workshop machines that are not bolted to grounds and make a lot of vibrations and noises.
anti vibration pads for washing machine
anti-vibration mounting pads

The following are the key features of the anti-vibration mount:

In this small section, we are going to discuss the main features of the anti-vibration mounting pads.

1. First of all, they allow for immediate commissioning. Also, one can adjust the mounting pads in height.

2. Using an anti-vibration mount eliminates the need for foundation grouting.
 3. Also, you can also use an anti-vibration mat to level the Machinery. This is one of the main usages of mounting pads and rubber anti-vibration mats around heavy types of machinery such as laundries, dryers, big printing presses, etc.
 4.  It allows for better machinery layout mobility. And, also it isolates high-frequency vibrations or sounds.
 5. The pads prevent machinery from wandering due to a large contact area and more.
A variety of companies make anti-vibration mats. They have a wealth of experience in providing a wide selection of high-quality anti-vibration mounts in great demand. The mounts are the perfect choice because of their high quality, exact measurements, and good finish.

Applications of anti-vibration mount:

The anti-vibration pads are used for various applications. Here we will point out a few of them.

  • You can place them on plastic machines such as blow molding machines, injection molding machines, and Extruders.
  •  Also, you can place metal cutting machines such as milling machines, jig borers, press brake, notching machines, gear hobbers, shearing machines, and grinders.
  •  One can place pharmaceutical machines such as coating machines and pulverizers.
  • Chilling plants and electrical panels can be mounted.
  • Compressors and generating sets can be placed.
  •  Woodworking machines, textile machines such as ring frames can be placed.

In Conclusion:

So why wait! buy Rubberfy’s Anti-vibration mount and save your machinery.

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