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What are silicone hand gloves used for?


Silicone Gloves are of huge benefit. Silicone hand gloves keep your hands safe whether you’re grilling, cooking, or doing anything else that requires a lot of heat. Examples- Managing hot meals, trying to touch hot surfaces, operating near the fire, and operating near the steam, etc. Silicone gloves are a part of trendy silicone bathroom accessories too.

Aspects of silicone gloves’ quality-

Rubberfy’s Silicone gloves are fire resistant up to 450 °F, making them much safer than regular cloth gloves.

Different types of gloves-

Fabric Gloves

According to analysis, ” This is the most popular form of a glove as it doesn’t require a high level of protection. It protects the user with a thin, lightweight cloth covering that provides minimal protection. It helps in avoiding small scratches or splinters, but they don’t protect against punctures, burns, or wounds.”

Rubber gloves

As per experts, “Use these gloves in medical and laboratory environments. They’re generally form-fitting to allow for mobility, but they also guard against biohazards, chemicals, solvents, and other potentially hazardous substances.”

Fabric Gloves with a Coating

Usual observations state, “These gloves give a bit more protection against punctures, wounds, and chemicals than non-coated fabric gloves. Coatings like nitrile, PVC, and polyurethane are popular, but the sort of coating you require depends on the project.”

Gloves made of leather

For a variety of reasons, leather gloves are desired. They have an excellent grip, are well-insulated, and are long-lasting. They’re thicker than ordinary cloth, so they provide more protection.

Why silicone gloves are Da Bomb?

The quality of “Rubberfy’s” silicone reusable magic brush gloves is unrivaled. They are extremely flexible and stretchy. A dishwasher or hot water works well while washing these gloves. Wearing these gloves while washing dishes can help you get rid of your rough skin.

Silicone Hand Gloves
Silicone Hand Gloves

Purpose of Silicone gloves 

  • One can wash a car, bathe a cat, clean a kitchen, room, or floor, and remove dinnerware grease with these gloves. They are highly cleaning, have a lot of foam, and make washing quick and easy.
  • People, in general, used silicone gloves for a variety of tasks, including dishwashing, cleaning fruits and vegetables, and dusting wardrobes.

Cost Quality Analysis of silicone gloves

  •  The usual gloves are expensive in comparison to Rubberfy’s best quality “SILICONE GLOVE”. The cost & quality of other kitchen gloves does not go well as the cost is high & the quality it offers is low. So clearly, silicone gloves are preferable & consumer-friendly in the market.
Silicone Hand Gloves
Silicone Hand Gloves

Quality of Rubberfy’s silicone glove-

  • It is anti-corrosive,
  • High-temperature resistant,
  • Well-ventilated,
  • Extremely easy to clean!
  • This cleaning glove can stay strong and brilliant for three years. So it is the equivalent of three pairs of regular gloves, thanks to the high-quality silicone.
  • Cleaning is a breeze because of the silicone bristles. And you can wash it quickly while maintaining a firm grip.
  • Germs are kept at bay! so, Boiling water, microwave, or dishwasher sterilization are all options.
  •  You may hang it up once it has been used and cleaned.
Silicone Hand Gloves
Silicone Hand Gloves

Hence, Buy Rubberfy’s Silicone hand gloves Immediately, at a minimal cost of Rs. 199 only.

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