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Silicone Products for Diabetic Patients


Silicone products are the latest trend in the green and eco-friendly consumer products market. Being green and healthy, a lot of medically equipped products are made of silicone. In this article, we will discuss different silicone products that are helpful for diabetic patients.

Silicone Sock as Treatment of Deep Heel Fissures for diabetic patients:

The addition of a silicone sock to a heel cream in the treatment of diabetic heel fissures, with the goal of curing the fissures and preventing them from turning into ulcers. The silicone sock and heel cream will be used by half of the participants, while the cream will be used by the other half.

Silicone Heel Anti-Crack Sets for Men and Women Image
Silicone Heel Anti-Crack Sets for Men and Women

Dry skin and heel fissures are typical diabetic consequences that can progress to difficult-to-heal ulcers, necessitating amputation of the foot.

To cure fissures and prevent them from turning into ulcers, patients are recommended to apply heel creams.

Clinical findings show that wearing a silicone sock at night can help mend fissures, however, the extra benefit of using a silicone sock above only using a heel cream has not been studied.

The healing of fissures and the formation of new ulcers will be compared across the groups. Participants will be randomized to an intervention group (silicone sock plus heel cream) or a control group (heel cream only).

Orthopedic silicone heel protectors

An orthopedic silicone heel protector protects the heel bone from severe pressure, fatigue, and strains. Also, it stops heel skin from thickening. Last but not the least, it also saves the heel from blisters, chipped skin, corn, and cracked feet. It is a hydration therapy for dry, painful, hard, and cracked skin on your heels. Also, these silicone anticrack heel sets improve attractiveness by assisting in the reduction of fine wrinkles that comes with aging. You can wear these socks with or without foot cream.

Cost & Quality Analysis: Silicone socks:

The usual fabric socks are expensive in comparison to the best quality “SILICONE SOCKS”. The cost & quality of usual fabric socks don’t go well as their cost is high and the quality they offer is low. Therefore, clearly in the market silicone socks are preferable & consumer-friendly.

Silicone Heel Anti-Crack Sets for Men and Women Image
Silicone Heel Anti-Crack Sets for Diabetic patients

In Short:

These silicone socks and heel protectors are of great quality and cheap(-er than a fancy cup of coffee) way to keep your feet healthy. So, Immediately buy Rubberfy’s Silicone Socks at a very Nominal price ranging between Rs.149-199.

Silicone Yoga Mats for diabetic patients:

Yoga mats are specially produced mats that are used to keep hands and feet from slipping while practicing asanas in modern yoga as an activity. All diabetic patients are generally advised to walk and practice yoga. In such a case, a silicone yoga mat is a premium quality item for them.

Which side of the Yoga mat should be used?

Yoga mats frequently have a bumpier side to practice on. If your mat has bumps on both sides, check for the one with the more obvious lumps, as this is the one that should be facing up. Mats with a microfiber, towel-like side, and a traditional nubby, rubbery side are an exception to this rule.

Rubberfy Silicone Yoga Mat Image
Rubberfy Silicone Yoga Mat purple

Benefits of Yoga Mat:

  • A Yoga mat is one of the basic needs when you start your yoga practice. This is the first of yoga accessories your yoga teacher would probably remind you to bring on your first day. Whether you practice Yoga indoors or outdoors, you are going to need a proper way to save your Energy by avoiding touching the ground. There is more to a yoga mat for sure.
  • Doing Yoga without a surface cover can lead to many different problems. Even in some cases, you would see the less fruitful outcome of your stretches, bends, and meditation. Worst case scenario, no results at all.
  • There are many reasons to use a floor cover during yogic practice that make a yoga mat a necessity. What are they? It is a must to throw some light on them and be aware of such.
  • Having a nice, sleek yoga mat helps you be more attracted to otherwise tough job “yoga”. Rubberfy’s yoga mat will surely help diabetic patients to do yoga. This reduces quitting yoga for diabetics.

In Conclusion:

Silicone products, therefore, are playing a very crucial role especially in the life of diabetic patients. If you are one of the diabetes victims or near and dear ones of them; consider buying from rubberfy.

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