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silicone bath brush: why should we use it?


A bath brush is a water-proof body brush that is used for personal hygiene in a bath/shower. It is a very well-known product present in every house. In this article, we are going to discuss why we should use silicone bath brushes.

Why do you need a bath brush?

A bath brush is an important component of a great bath. While a bath brush may look like a component for getting a good scrub and reaching your back and other body parts and getting the rub where your hands can’t reach, it is a medically needed item too. A bath brush is needed for mainly massaging your skin and increasing blood circulation. A good massage or scrubbing across your body during the bath, helps in exfoliating old winter skin, opening your skin pores, and cleans your body very well. This brushing increases your skin tone, peels dead skin cells, and improves your glaze.

What are the different types of bath brushes?

There are many different types of bath brushes. These bath brushes are mainly made of wooden bristles, silicone, and sponges. Generally, for a gentle bath brushing, it is best to use either a sponge or silicone bath brushes. A few key types of bath brushes are:

(1) silicone bubble bath brush:

A silicone bubble bath brush is an effective tool to have within your bath accessories. This silicone bath brush is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless product. As it is made of soft silicone bristles, you can use it in easy exfoliating of dead skin cells, giving a good scrubbing and brushing experience. Also, having a hang rope design at the end, you can easily hang this in your shower, and use it without worrying to keep it safely; which is a big problem for long-handled brushes.

(2) silicone massage bath brush:

A silicone massage bath brush is the ideal silicone bath brush for having both a massage and brush during the shower. This is a multi-functional tool as you can use it like a comb, massage, or body brush. It is easy to clean and easy to use; as well as, you can pour shower gel inside it and use shower gel across your body using pressure-based control. In our expert opinion, this is a must-have 2 in 1 tool for your bath accessories.

(3) sponge bath brush:

A sponge-based tool is also good as a bath scrub. You can use them to scrub all over your body, as well as you can put shower gel into the sponge and use it across different body parts. But most sponge bristles are not highly resistant and therefore don’t lead to long-term usage against their silicone counterparts.

Why silicone bath brushes are better?

There are multiple reasons because of which our experts say that silicone bath brushes and body scrubbers are better than wooden or sponge-based opponents. You will understand soon as we go through this section.

(1) softer bristles:

Silicone bath brushes contain very fine and soft bristles if we compare them against plastic or sponge brushes. Because of this reason, the scrubbing and massaging effect is nice, yet you can use it on sensitive skins and it gives a smooth bathing experience.

(2) easy to clean:

You can clean your silicone bath brushes/bath scrubbers/ body brush simply by washing them with water. Normal water wash can’t reach parts of wooden and sponge-made brushes. Therefore, these are not that easy to clean as compared to silicone brushes.

(3) are heat and water resistant:

wooden items are not water-resistant as they get damaged over time in contact with water. But, you can use silicone brushes and scrubbers in water as well as heat showers. And therefore, silicone scrubbers have better longevity.


(1) Can I use my silicon massage brush as something else too?

Silicone massage brushes are easy to clean and reusable. So yes, you can use your massage brush as a comb, for dry brushing your skin as well. That’s why it is so useful to buy something multi-functional as a silicone brush.

(2) where are these silicone brushes made?

Rubberfy silicone products are made in India and therefore, quality is not compromised. As we make it out of A quality silicone, durability, heat resistance and longevity are unquestionable.

(3) Can I use silicone bath brush with sensitive skin?

For normal sensitive skin, it is not an issue to use silicone bath brushes and body scrubbers. But if you have a sensitivity issue with your skin and had problems using other bathing accessories; then you should consult with your dermatologist before using this tool.

(4) should I use body scrubber/ body brushes / bath brushes with hot shower?

Experts do not recommend scrubbing with very hot shower. If you scrub your skin in very hot water it may lead to losing skin oil and glamour. You can use gentle massage brushing in such scenarios.


Silicone bath brushes/ body scrubbers come under small household products. In Rubberfy, you can get these products within 200 rupees and get shipped to your home ready to use!


So, in this article, we have discussed different types of silicone bath brushes, their usage and compared them with their counterparts. We now know well and good that what are the advantages of using silicone bath brushes for a great reviving bathing experience. Also, You can explore more such great bathing accessories here.

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