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Rubberfy’s Anti Vibration Pad With Suction Cups


At first look, anti-vibration rubber pad or shock absorber vibration pad appears to be a rather simple gadget. But, each one is rather built with care in a certain way. Experts make them from specific materials, to absorb and isolate vibrations and shocks. People use Anti-vibration pads in homes to protect wood floors from chair legs and tables. Also, people will place it beneath washing machines to cut noise and “walking.” But, industries use the same technology on an enormous scale to protect big gears in engines, etc.

Advantages of anti-vibration rubber pad:

  • Anti-vibration pads are devices that dampen the shock and vibration by staying between a machine and the floor. Their main function is to prevent machine wandering and creeping.
  • Creators have designed Rubberfy’s pads, to be as flexible as possible. So, these extend the life of a wide range of machinery and equipment across sectors.
  • Rubberfy makes Anti-vibration cushions from rubber and neoprene. These materials resist machines far more powerful than a basic washing machine!
  • Every machine that shakes, rumbles, vibrates, or receives pressure – benefits from vibration-resistant cushioning. For example, Pumps and engines, exhaust systems, air conditioners, and compressors. It prevents these machines from long-term damages. Also, the pads help maintain structural integrity throughout many years of operation.
  • Anti-vibration pads isolate vibrations, lowering noise, and guarding against shock forces. Thus, anti-vibration mats protect floors, people, and machinery.

    anti vibration pads for washing machine
    anti-vibration mounting pads

How does the vibration pad fit with a washing machine?

The pads operate on any type of floor surface. On any floor, they decrease noise and scratches caused by the washing machines or the dryers. The anti-vibration rubber pads are simple to install and go beneath each leveling leg in the recessed region of the pad. Companies sell the vibration pads in a four-pack.

Product Specifications:

  • This pad absorbs stress and minimizes noise and vibration, making it more stable. On the smoother ground, it has a better grip.
  • This is a rubber pad with shock absorber suction cups that may be used for a variety of purposes. It offers anti-slip and anti-vibration properties as well. Most washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, tables, sofas, beds, and other furniture on the market are compatible with it.
  • High-quality material – This long-lasting suction cup is composed of soft rubber, which prevents harm to the floor. Heavy-duty polyethylene makes up the primary body.
  • Easy to set up — It features a simple setup method.

    anti vibration pads for washing machine
    anti-vibration mounting pads

Install Instructions:

  • place the footpad next to the washing machine’s foot.
  • After that, carefully raise one of the machine’s sides.
  • Now, Slide the pad to the machine’s foot support position.
  • Finally, lower the machine gradually.
  • And, Adjust the machine foot to fit into the pad’s groove.

Product description:

Color is dependent on availability.

Weight of the item: 115

Components Included: 4 Pcs

Dimensions of the product: 10 x 8 x 6 cm

In conclusion:

So, immediately buy a 4-pieces set of Anti-vibration pads with suction cups from Rubberfy at 299.00

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