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How do Rubberfy reseller program work?

Rubberfy provides channel partner discounts, allowing resellers to buy goods at a lower cost than the list price. Vendor discounts vary considerably and may range from 10% to 30%, depending on factors such as the kind of goods and the amount of product purchased by the reseller. Reseller discounts are intended to pay the channel partner’s sales and marketing expenses while leaving space for profit margin.

What is the function of resellers and why we want you to be our reseller?

A reseller is a channel partner that serves as a go-between for Rubberfy and end users. This may be businesses or consumers. Order fulfilment is a critical reseller role. The client turns to a reseller to ease the purchasing process and delivery and order processing duties.

Working with a reseller also helps customer find products faster. A shop that wants to buy number of different items may do so via a single reseller rather than contacting multiple manufacturers or service providers directly. Customers may be drawn to resellers by competitive price.

Why would you want to be our reseller?

Short answer, for the experience. With Rubberfy’s awesome household products, we have a proven product-market-fit; which makes it extremely easy for our resellers to sell the product. And with a reduced rate, and commission par sold unit (details of which is determined differently for each specific resellers); you can earn quite a bit of money also. But the main attraction is the experience. Our resellers are trained with standard and some proprietary techniques to sell online, offline as well as technical supports are also provided. Also, you get to be part of something bigger than all of us; which is the environmental move we make with each reusable item we sell. The reseller network and groups also help a lot by connecting and networking among similar minded people. So, that’s why people want to be our reseller. It’s all about that rubberfy experience.

Rubberfy’s reseller scheme has four advantages:

1.Provide a previously tested solution

When you deal with a reputable vendor like us, you have access to their goods and services. Rather of spending a significant amount of time, energy, and money in creating your own solution, why not utilize one that has already been shown to be successful? This allows you to concentrate on the essential elements rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel.

2.Record monthly residuals

The ability to earn ongoing residuals depending on the business you bring in is a benefit of a well-established reseller scheme. Introduce your book of business to the various goods and services, then sit back and relax.

3.Competitive pricing available

Rubberfy provides significant discounts on its goods and services to the reselling partners. When giving a quotation to a client, this may set you apart from the competition. This preferred price will not only improve your profit margins but will also help your company expand more quickly.

4.Support and training dedicated

As previously mentioned, Rubberfy will give you, as the reseller, all of the resources you need to be successful in selling their goods. This includes assistance, marketing materials, and training. In many instances, you’ll be assigned a dedicated representative that you may contact directly, bypassing ordinary customers and getting priority access to the assistance you need.

How to get into the Rubberfy reseller scheme?

It is very simple to apply for Rubberfy reseller tag. Mail us with your introduction (if you are a solo person without any existing chain, then provide the cv; otherwise provide details of your existing chain/business) at [email protected]. Also, please make the subject as <your name>: candidate for reseller program.

Once you send the mail, wait for 2-4 business days. We will get back to you and communicate all the specific details.

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