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How to use Silicone ice cube maker tray?


Silicone Ice Cube Maker Trays are used to freeze water into ice for chilling beverages or other food products. They are available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit a variety of needs. Water is frozen in square, rectangular, and circular forms using the conventional Ice Cube Tray. Other varieties of Ice Cube Trays are designed for specialised purposes, such as generating long spherical cylinders as cubes to chill bottles of water or other liquids.

Different types of Ice Cube Maker trays:

Plastic, silicon, and metal are the most common materials used in the production of Ice Cube Trays. Metal is a stiff material, whereas plastic is semi-flexible. But, silicon is a very flexible material that you can bend to remove ice cubes. That’s what makes it a great ice tray material.
In general, an Ice Cube Tray will contain 10 to 12 separate compartments that you can fill with water. The purity of the water is crucial to consider while producing ice. Always use water that is as clear as possible and devoid of minuscule foreign particles. This makes sure that the supplied beverages are free of stains or the look doesn’t become worse.
Ice Cube Maker Tray Silicone Pop-up with Transparent LID - Ice Tray for Freezer
Ice Cube Maker Tray Silicone Pop-up with Transparent LID – Ice Tray for Freezer

Advantages of Silicone Ice Cube Maker Tray:

Simple Ice Removal:

The bottom has a beautiful shape, made of flexible silicone material. So, it makes it simple to discharge ice cubes. We recommend leaving the trays out for a few minutes once you take them out from the refrigerator. Also, each flat cube compartment is distinct from the others. So, it allows you to push from the bottom.

Stackable and detachable lid:

This clever gadget, which comes with a detachable top, allows you to produce beautiful cubes while preventing ice cubes from collecting freezer smells. Furthermore, these nonstick easy-release trays stack simply and neatly in the freezer.

Dishwasher safe:

since Rubberfy makes it from high-quality flexible silicone materials, one can’t easily break the tray. After creating ice cubes with fruits, ice cream, soda, or wine, just place them in the dishwasher.

Colourful and concise design:

The tray’s white and blue colour scheme will put you in a good mood when making ice. The ice-making experience will be enjoyable for you.

Ice Cube Maker Tray Silicone Pop-up with Transparent LID - Ice Tray for Freezer
Ice Cube Maker Tray Silicone Pop-up with Transparent LID – Ice Tray for Freezer

Is it safe to use silicone ice cube maker trays?

Silicone does not contain BPA. So, you’re safe if you use silicone ice trays instead of plastic ice trays. While plastic is a kind of polymer, silicone is a flexible resin produced from silica ( sand ). Silicone ice cube pans are soft and flexible. So, they don’t appear to leak any chemicals into food or water when kept at low temperatures. But, we have noted isolated reports of silicone leaks at extreme temperatures. These were cases for baking pans and muffin moulds. So, this is inconclusive and would have no bearing on your ice-making operations.

How do I make Ice cubes?

  • Insert the top silicone tray into the bottom silicone tray, then both trays into the outer insulated box.
  • Fill the tray with normal tap water up to the fill level marked on the top silicone tray.
  • Place the tray in the freezer on a flat surface.
  • Place in the freezer for 18-22 hours.

In Conclusion:

So why wait! Buy Rubberfy Silicone Ice Cube Maker Tray now!

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