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How to take care of Yoga Mats?

The age-old problem:

There’s nothing worse than rolling out sticky yoga mats and finding a coating of dirt or smelling a faint whiff of days-old perspiration before you practice. Cleaning your yoga mat is often an afterthought, so it happens to the best of us.

Need for cleaning Yoga Mats:

Consider this; yoga mats absorb all perspiration, oil, and dirt that they touch with. That means they get filthy, odorous, and even catch germs fast. This happens especially after a sweaty yoga class or asana session. Having a consistent cleaning schedule is essential for keeping all muck off your mat.
When you practice, you’re entering a holy place. And, how you preserve that space has an impact on what you receive out of it. “The whole notion of the filthy hippy yogi should be thrown out the window”. “Cleanliness is an important aspect of practice.” If you can’t recall the last time you washed your mat, it’s now the time to do so. This is your step-by-step guide to properly cleaning your yoga mat.
Rubberfy Silicone Yoga Mat Image
Rubberfy Silicone Yoga Mat (pink)

The most effective method for cleaning and disinfecting yoga mats:

Spray bottles and hand towels are likely to be found in every yoga studio, with many more people waiting in line to use them after class. But what’s in those spray bottles, exactly?

A combination of equal parts distilled water and white vinegar, plus a drop of tea tree oil, is typical organic disinfection used by yogis all over the world. Tea tree oil is a tried-and-true antibacterial that efficiently destroys the germs and fungus that have taken up residence on your mat. When you combine it with white vinegar’s antibacterial characteristics, you’ve got yourself a tool that disinfects and cleans your mat at the same time.

How to Keep Your Mat Clean?

  • Spritz the solution on both sides of your yoga mat and wipe it away with a cloth. This should destroy any germs on your mat’s surface and make it smell better. When rolled, germs can move from the filthy side to the clean side.
    So, you need to clean both sides of the mat. Because the top side of your mat is where you usually position your feet, hands, chest, back, and face. So, once you roll it up, you need to clean it to keep undesirable filth and bacteria off your body.
  • Buy readymade cleaning solutions if you don’t want to wait in line for the spray after every session. And, also, don’t trust your mixing talents when it comes to making your own.

  • The disinfectants are not only effective for preventing athlete’s foot, plantar warts. But, you can also use it to remove dirt and oil from your mat’s surface. That’s a good thing because all these factors can lead to skin problems, including acne.

    Rubberfy Silicone Yoga Mat Image
    Rubberfy Silicone Yoga Mat sitting posture

How to scrub and rinse your yoga mats:

In a spray bottle, combine warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Spritz the solution on your mat and clean it well with a microfiber cloth. You shouldn’t apply too much force while scrubbing though. Because you want to maintain your mat’s natural sticky character. You need to make sure both sides and scrub’em. Finish by rinsing your mat in warm water and letting it air dry.
At least once a month, wash your mat with soap and water. Rubberfy experts advise washing your mats once a month on average. But if you attend a few hot yoga classes, please do on a more regular manner.

Is it possible to wash your yoga mats in the washing machine?

This is a contentious issue. But, the answer is dependent on the mat you have. Sometimes, your Yoga Mat needs a deep clean. In such case, toss it in the washing machine with cold water, and detergent on the delicate mode. When done, hang it to dry. “I wouldn’t advocate putting the mat in the dryer. But it depends on what your mat is made of — it’s safer to air dry,” says the author.
Washing your mat in the washing machine is not recommended though. In most situations, you may end up damaging both the mat and the washing machine. And, it will leave you with a large price to pay.


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