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How can I get used to touching hot things while cooking?

Ouch, so hot:

Yes, we have all been there and done that. Touched a hot pan or “kadhai” without thinking and got our fingers burnt. But no more. We now can use silicone grippers. The gripper is a set of short gloves to wear on your hand which can insulate the temperature. Therefore, you can now touch hot things using these silicone grippers.

Using Silicone Grippers-

Silicone Gripper Image
Silicone Grippers while using

Touching hot things isn’t an issue if Rubberfy’s Silicone grippers are used. Heat-resistant oven mitts are perfect for serving, baking, cooking, and handling hot plates, and they’re so handy that you’ll want to use them every day.

  • Ideal for removing plates and containers from the microwave. Make sure you don’t burn your hands or fingers.
  • The innovative design allows you to hang them for convenient access and storage.
  • Ideal for removing plates and containers from the microwave.
  • It’s simple to use, store, and clean silicone grippers. Burn-Proof, No-Slip, and No-Stick.
  • The mitt has a magnet connected to it that allows it to cling to metal surfaces. Because magnetism is weak, it is easy to separate from it. This mitt should not be washed in the dishwasher.

Examples of Other ways of getting used to touching hot things-

I suppose if I were attempting to educate my son, I’d start by getting him used to handling warm items and gradually work our way up to cooking heat. The problem with sensory processing is that you have to perform the same things in various ways. As an example, I was teaching my son how to cross the street.

Every time, it was the same thing, except I would take him to various locations. I have a friend who has difficulties with heat from stoves and ovens, so she cooks things on low or medium heat on the stove, and if she cooks something in the oven, she will open the oven door in such a manner that she won’t feel the heat. She’ll then inspect or remove it after the door is fully open.

In Conclusion:

So, why wait, buy rubberfy’s silicone grippers at an affordable price today.

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